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Essential Supplements for Muscle Gain: Top 3 Supplements for Muscle Growth

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If you eat in right manner and lift weights then you can add muscle mass easily as simple as that. But if you are struggling with your diet and not maintaining your calories properly then you have you add supplements in diet.

Supplements will fulfill all requirements and maximize muscle mass and strength. There are lots of supplements in market everybody is confused.

We are suggesting you top 3 supplements for muscle gain, you can add these supplements in you diet.


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Creatine is the best supplement for muscle gain and it improves performance in gym.

It is the most tested and researched supplement in the world and has an outstanding safety profile. Studies show that it can increase muscle mass, strength and workout performance.

There are lots of misconceptions that creatine is unsafe and has many side effects but not a single evidence is supported these false claims.

Creatine is a substance that is found naturally in muscle cells. When you lift heavy in gym or do high intensity workout it will gives you energy.

When you add creatine supplement in your diet then your produces high energy molecule that is called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). More ATP produce in your body can directly proportional to your better performance in gym.

In one study, adding creatine in a training program increased strength by 8%, weight lifting strength by 14% and bench press one rep max by 43%.

Another study conducted on older adults show that substantial growth in legs strength and muscle mass.

You can maintain strength and training performance while increasing muscle mass during intense workout. ATP levels depleted in your body after 8-10 seconds of high intensity workout. But because of creatine supplement because of creatine supplement help you produce more ATP.

Your muscles become fuller and big when you take creatine because muscles holds water in it.

Protein Supplements for Muscle Gain

Adequate amount of protein is necessary for muscle gain but getting enough protein is critical.

When your goal is muscle building you need more protein than your body breaks down from natural process.

It is good when you are taking enough amount of protein through your diet but some people struggle to do so. If you are not consuming adequate amount of protein then you must go for protein supplements.

There are lots of protein supplements available in market like soy protein, whey protein, casein protein, plant based protein and animal protein.

But most popular supplement and cheap protein supplements are Whey Protein and Casein Protein, both are derivatives of milk.


Whey is the most selling protein supplement for muscle gain because its protein synthesis property is very fast. It is a fast digesting protein it takes around 3-4 hours to digest then starts protein synthesis quickly.

Whey also contains peptides (small proteins) that increase blood flow to the muscles. You have to add 25-30 gram whey protein powder in your diet for maximum results. You can take any type whey whether it is concentrate or isolate it doesn’t matter at all.


This is a slow digesting protein due to this property it stay longer in your stomach. Casein protein mostly consumed before bed because in night you don’t eat anything till 8-9 hours so that your body goes in fasting state. When your stomach is empty you will come in catabolic state but casein protein prevents you from this state and you will always be in anabolic state.

Casein protein improves metabolism and you can gain greater strength and muscle mass.

BCAAs-Branched Chain Amino Acids

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BCAAs is very important supplement for muscle gain. It is refers to leucine, isoleucine and valine, they are most important essential amino acids for replenishing the muscle tissue and muscle building. Leucine is most vital among these three amino acids because it can stimulate muscle protein synthesis on its own.

Study show that when a person take a drink with 5-6 gram of BCAAs after their resistance training had a 20-25% greater increase in muscle protein synthesis.

It also decreases muscle soreness and protein breakdown during exercise. It improves mental focus during workout and you will feel more energetic.

BCAAs reduces exercise fatigue and prevents muscle loss when you do intense over training. Chicken breast, whey protein, eggs are good source of BCAAs.

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